With an interest in online business, more than 10 years ago, we began studying information, marketing possibilities, structures, patterns Management, control, and operating system, without even thinking about what are we selling.

When looking at personalities, hobbies are in the collectibles. Everything, be it collecting trees, orchids, stamps, telephone cards, coins. But the most representative yet, is, buddha amulets. Whole venerable of Buddha amulets, casting Buddha coins, casting, amulet material powder, tiny rolled metal amulets inscribed with magic words, talisman Therefore comes the origin of

When outsiders look into this amulet circle, they can clearly distinguish between new Buddha amulets and old ones, and where are we going to be in this circle?, is a website, intended to be a mediator between both groups of interested parties (new and old amulets), by placing a clear, convenient structure to reach out.

  • The new Buddha amulets are now open for reservation, as a new project presentation, including Buddhist art, instructors, amulets.
  • Sacred objects ready to be delivered, as a collection of works from temples and the organizing committee, for worship, according to market mechanisms.
  • Related products, being hand in hand with manufacturers such as, Buddha frames, necklaces, books, and products that interest
  • The gallery, as a gathering of Buddha amulets, through contests (award-winning Buddha amulets), to show for those interested to study, knowledge, and spread the prestige of Luang Pho
  • The leading amulet center, recommend to members friends to know, names, locations to contact, buy, worship, exchange.
  • News of merit events, public relations activities, and beneficial to society

For the above reasons, we strive, intending to be the mediator, for temples, faculty builders, heads of centers, reserved centers, and those who have faith, In order to reserve and buy auspicious objects, as well as Buddhist artworks, and publicize news that is beneficial to society.

With marketing prices, service, delivery, punctuality, at the best. Team

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